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Decoding 40

Decoding 40, the podcast where we fearlessly and ferociously explore, debate and laugh at the complex inner workings, issues and thinking of today’s grown a** black men.

Aug 30, 2019

We jump right into this episode with a flashback and cautionary tale from Alaric that really proves if it is too good to be true then it probably is. He meets a beautiful woman at a bar and then the encounter goes left. This leads us to ask a couple of questions, “How shallow are we?” and ”Would you date a woman differently-abled or possessing non-traditional beauty?”

It’s another trip for Mack aka Mr. International and this time it’s Greece.  Mack gives us the good, the bad and the hilarious parts of his trip and how a very old man and ex-wrestler worked together to conspire against unsuspecting travelers. You have to hear this one!

This week's libation is Grass Widow courtesy of our first Whiskey Warrior Nelson Hume. A very good whiskey, perfect for after or maybe during work.  

We then switch gears and discuss the fallout from the RocNation and NFL partnership and whether or not if the NFL achieved its goal of changing the narrative. Despite an avalanche of public opinion, we cut through some of the noise to find out if there’s any there...there.

We also discuss the recent firing of officer Daniel Pantaleo, who was directly involved with the choking death of Eric Garner.  What took so long to fire him and was it enough?

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