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Decoding 40

Decoding 40, the podcast where we fearlessly and ferociously explore, debate and laugh at the complex inner workings, issues and thinking of today’s grown a** black men.

Aug 16, 2019

We start the show off by catching up with the crew as they share thoughts on their hatred for busy work; experience with #pottybootcamp, #Aquaphor and the #terribletwos, and witnessing a slow speed police car chase in uptown Manhattan.  

We then discuss a couple of other police incidents. One involves a case of police brutality with a twist and the other is Mack getting away from the police. Mack then updates us on his recent trip to Vermont that included a visit to the Ben and Jerry's Factory with a double scoop of MAGA mixed with Sons of Anarchy. 

We then turn our attention to A$AP Rocky and his predicament in Sweden. **FYI - he’s since been released and found guilty prior to the release of this episode** Should Black people support him or any other person who doesn't support their own community? And, did ASAP get his nigga wake up call?  

We finish up this episode to discuss times when we’ve been on the short end of the stick when it comes to skipping and proper line etiquette. Hands down though, Alaric wins this week’s “Most Racist Experience” Award by retelling a story of a white woman skipping him in line at the club.

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P.S. Come hang with us on September 5th as we support Alaric and the latest installment of Arterotica on Sept 5 at Madame X in New York City. Visit for more information.