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Decoding 40

Decoding 40, the podcast where we fearlessly and ferociously explore, debate and laugh at the complex inner workings, issues and thinking of today’s grown a** black men.

Oct 25, 2019

Alaric is late to the studio so Vin, Mack and L.O. pass the time and meander through a host of topics until he arrives.  The guys discuss the latest news on the orange clown currently serving as president of the United States and how quickly he will shade his closest allies. Will he go to prison? Will Rudy Guiliani go...

Oct 18, 2019

Mack starts it off by telling us about the issues he’s having with getting a prescription for his Warby Parker glasses in hopes of replacing his creepy reader glasses.  The guys then discuss L.O.’s date to see J. Lo’s movie Hustler and answers the question if he had to put out for the evening. 

How do you feel...

Oct 11, 2019

Join us this week as we take a trip down the rabbit hole and discuss some of our favorite conspiracy theories.  

No matter what you read or hear, it is #superfacts that Mr. Roger's was a sniper for the C.I.A.  But, did America really go to the moon? Whether we did or not, we highly recommend that you DO NOT run up on

Oct 4, 2019

We start off discussing some of the cheapest and harshest drinks known to man. Walk with us down memory lane as we talk about our first drink in our first apartment.  From Georgi Vodka to Gerst beer and hand-weighed ounces of weed, we went the Frank Sinatra route and did it our way.

Alaric shares a story that involved...